420. Flying with the Clouds. Kamloops, Jan 15, 2023

By Jan Nademlejnsky | Jan 17, 2023
Another interesting flying conditions: Heavy, multi-layer clouds, blue sky, bright sunshine, dark ground areas. I covered North Ridge, Batchelor area, North Thompson River, Westsyde, Mt Mara, Tranquille Creek valley, Lac du Bois Area. The Tranquille-Criss Creek, normally deep and steep valley was under clouds. This created very interesting visual effect. See also nice Sundog (Halo) effect in the clouds
I had interesting moment before my landing when looking for entry hole in the clouds. I had to ask the control tower to check it for me, which they did. It was difficult to see anything except very bright white fluffs reflecting the sun directly into my face. Another moment happened while I was taking pictures above Batchelor subdivision where I was hit with sudden and strong updraft, which almost ripped the control bar from my hand. It was fun and interesting flight