Tha Lunch Crunch

By POWER989RADIO | Dec 15, 2023

My name is Tierra and I am the owner of Miss Lei’Ti and Company, home of Hey Puddin Inc., a mobile dessert stand. I specialize and boast on my small yet mighty menu of delicious homemade puddings that range from the Classic Nana to Cake Batter. I started this as a way of making income to sustain my daughter Leila and I while getting acclimated to a new state. I already owned The Basket Lei’Ti and Miss LeiTi but had trouble finding a local following. Hey Puddin Inc. was born as almost an “edible business card”, nobody was declingin free pudding like they were declining business cards! Things got tricky when people wanted to order Pudding Pans instead of gift baskets and clothes. I created the logo and went from there. Leila, (the “Lei” in Lei’Ti), has some challenges and my business allowed for me to provide for us while homeschooling and attending other therapies. We have had some challenges with finding a educational program that was a good fit for her but we are still working to make sure she’s safe, happy, and learning. We have been here 2 years this year from Missouri and we now truly feel like part of our community! We currently vend weekly at 91st and Northern with a group of other vendors on weekends as well as utilize the events provided by Rep Your Brandz, AZHipHopFest, and Kickback Tuesdays with local car clubs and vendors. I am thankful for the weekly and monthly interactions that I have. Aside from business, it feels great to be a part of something !