412. Rough Flying to See Ravaged Area by 2021 Wildfire of Monte Lake. Kamloops Oct 12, 2021

By Jan Nademlejnsky | Oct 14, 2022
This was my 3rd attempt to see the effect of the 2021 devastating wildfire in Monte Lake area. The bad turbulence always won over my bravery. Not this time. I stacked with it and even when I complicated it with my 1 pm take-off during heat laden air. The timing guaranteed good bumps. I was not disappointed. The visibility was much better then during my usual early morning take offs, but the turbulence was relentless. I was really swearing into my helmet after some serious jolts.
The area looks like a different world. I felt like being in the volcano crater. Poor residents; they had to live through this nature hell. I think I have very interesting video from 5 cameras documenting my 130 km flight.