429. Checking Low Water Level of North and South Thompson Rivers, Kamloops Mar 20, 2023

By Jan Nademlejnsky | Mar 25, 2023
Kamloops probably reached to lowest river level this season. It is really low. Spring and spring temperatures are here which started snow melting from the mountain and high elevation regions. I wanted to capture this event which is only possible to se from the air and preferably from low elevation. I flew east 43 km (27 mi), past the Monte Creek above of the South Thompson River. I also used a clip insert from June 24, 2012 when rivers water level was just peaking out for comparison. After that, I turner NW towards McLure area by North Thompson River. I changed my direction due to turbulence. I flew instead over Pinantan and Paul Lakes and over the Lyons Lake to the “end of civilization” of North Thompson River. I followed the rivers to airport which was 72 km (45 mi) away.