430. Flight to Lac Le Jeune and Detail Survey of Kamloops Sandbars, Kamloops Mar 29, 2023

By Jan Nademlejnsky | Apr 02, 2023
I flew over scenic road to Lac Le Jeune Provincial Park, campground and residential area. While Kamloops valley is practically snow free and in spring like weather, the area south is still in full winter mode. I turned SE to Knutsford area, over Paterson Creek canyon to Kamloops downtown. I then followed South Thompson River to its delta to Kamloops Lake. I made over 50 km above those spectacular sand bars. The river water level is in its seasonal lowest point so the sand beaches and the sandbars areas are enormous. They will disappear under water in June to August with not unusual flood in lower city elevations. I documented special twist to crop circles. By the SW of river delta. If you have chance to watch this video on TV then you will not regret it. You will not see it again as it is, because they are always changing and slowly disappearing with the spring runoff.