432. Complete South Thompson River, Low Water Level Aerial Survey, Kamloops, Apr 14, 2023

By Jan Nademlejnsky | Apr 17, 2023
Here is my aerial survey of all South Thompson River from Chase to Kamloops delta. I wanted to capture the 2023 lowest water level in that river.
It was very nice and interesting flight. I received warning form the Kamloops Flight Services about ash from Russian (Kamchatka) volcano 4,800 km away. Eventually I had an experience with that strange phenomena. I saw two big snow falling areas in my path which could be dangerous with very strong winds. That cold air is usually sucked into my sun heated warmer air where I was. I experienced it already once and I don’t care for any repetition. I noticed when editing my videos that the snow area was actually very local ash fall. I noticed it on my camera and my windshield was very dusty. The sky was very diverse and interesting. Unpleasant flight against early morning rising sun with poor visibility turned out to be fun flight fro Chase to Kamloops.