Close Encounters of the First Kind, Kamloops Dec 30, 2022

By Jan Nademlejnsky | Jan 01, 2023
I had a rare opportunity to see (and interact) with young (small) and very cute Bobcat by my airport hangar. I noticed small footprints in the snow the pervious day. This time I saw it. It look to me from my distance like a more fluffy domestic cat. Eventually, as I came closer, I noticed the typical hairs from its ears. I saw from the footprints around the fences that it looked for way out of the airport. I did not manage to guide it through my open gate out. I followed it to nearby outdoor table, where I got good phone video. I went back to finish my work. I followed then its footprints to the other sections of airport and eventually guided it to area with gap between the fence and building. The bobcat squeezed through the gap and disappeared from my view. It was first time in my life this close.