3D Printed A-Team Van RC Build - The Max Team by 3DSets

By RC Printer | Mar 07, 2023
Today we're building the 3D Printable Max Team RC Van by 3DSets with vintage A-team coloring. This is a complete build and first run video for the Van including installation of all plastic pieces, fasteners, bearings, drive belts, and electronics.

To build this van we used this build kit from RCPrinter: https://rcprinter.com/products/3dsets-max-team-build-kits?variant=42811085783201

For a controller we're using the FlySky GT5: https://rcprinter.com/products/flysky-gt5-radio-controller-w-bs6-receiver

If you're interested in building one of these yourself slide on over to the 3DSets website here: https://3dsets.com/product/model-14-max-team/

Music from Uppbeat:
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