3D Printed RC Jetboat Build

By RC Printer | Aug 16, 2022
In this video we take you through the build and initial test run of our 3D Printed Jetboat by designer Bashtech. The boat functions quite well and is a tonne of fun to drive however the little motor I put in there was too small and we ended up burning it out pretty quickly so we'll have to upgrade it in the next video and do a longer test.

The build is pretty simple for this boat. You glue the main hull pieces together, paint if desired, add a 4mm driveshaft with a couple of bearings and a 3d printed prop, throw on a standard servo, hook up an esc and receiver, screw the top down and away you go.

If you're looking to build one of these yourself you can find the design files here: https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:3328520

Music from Uppbeat: https://uppbeat.io/t/moire/summer