3D Printed RC Trailer XL - Jumbo Car Hauler

By RC Printer | Jul 29, 2022
Build video of the 3DSets Jumbo Car Hauler. All plastic parts are 3d printed but it requires screws, bearings, shocks, and tires. The design files come complete with a storage box or spare tire mount, clip-in locks for the ramps, and your choice of decking. For our build we went with wood pla which we attempted to stain and finish with Danish oil and Varathane.

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To get the design files for the 3DSets Jumbo Car Hauler go here: https://3dsets.com/product/3d-sets-jumbo-car-hauler/

Music from Uppbeat: https://uppbeat.io/t/aavirall/blur
License code: YKW9HDT14K3ROBPP