Robak 2 - 3D Printed 4WD RC Car

By RC Printer | Oct 26, 2022
Today we're doing a complete build for the Robak 2 3D printed 4WD RC Car. This is a full start to finish build video including installation of the chassis, front and rear diffs and suspensions, metal drivetrain and steering components, electronics, body, 3D printed TPU tires and more!

If you'd like to build one of these for yourself here's where you can find the files I used in this video:
- Robak 2 -
- Wheels -
- Tires -
- Wing Nut -
- HSP 02016 Temp Drive Cup -

If you're looking for cool ideas for 3D printed RC projects like this one to build, kits, parts, or instructions on how to build them check out our website at . We don't currently have kits available for the Robak 2 but I hope to add them soon so keep checking back.