Skeeride Belt Drive Upgrade Tutorial

By RC Printer | Nov 23, 2022
This is a video tutorial on how to upgrade your Skeeride 3D printed RC snowmobile from a gear transmission to a belt drive.

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3D Printed Mod pieces from Skeeride files I've used include:
1. Frame: mod_jlatourn86_frame-v3_belt_drive
2. Tensioner arm: Mods_HobbyprintRC_bras-tensioneur-belt-support_copie
3. Tensioner bracket: Mods_HobbyprintRC_cube-support_copie
4. Tensioner main support: mod-SIEMENATOR-Tensioner_Bracket-LowProfile
Support: Mods_HobbyprintRC_tensioneur-belt-support-support-v4_copie
Pinion(s): mods-russ-voege-18t-gt2-pinion
Spur(s)/Pulley(s): mods-jean-beausoleil-60tpulleyv3-0
TPU Belt: mods-russ-voege-220mm-gt2

Non-printed parts:
GT2 200mm x 6mm belt:
GT2 20T pinion 5mm bore 6mm wide:
GT2 60T spur 10mm bore 6mm wide:
Pinion 5mm to 3.175mm sleeve adapter:
Tension pulley....
3mm bore 6mm width, no teeth:
OR ... just use three 3x7x3mm bearings instead