Skippy Boat Build

By RC Printer | Nov 10, 2023

Today we've built the new 3d printed rc zodiac style boat by 3DSets known as Skippy! This video goes through a complete build of the RC boat from start to finish including building the jet drive outboard motor and fastening the 3 hull pieces together with filament and screws.

If you're looking for the 3d files for Skippy boat please check out the designer's website at

if you're interested in a build kit for the Skippy boat please check out our website here:<i>skippy-buildkits

Here are some of the components we used in our build:

Fastener kit:<i>skippy-buildkits


C2830 (2212) 1300KV Motor:<i>2212-brushless-outrunner-rc-motor-surpasshobby


Radio Transmitter and Receiver:<i>gt5-radio-controller-w-bs6receiver

Music from #Uppbeat:

License code: MLHK5RREEZ606NB1

Music from #Uppbeat: