The Badger Budget Build - 3D Printed FWD RC Buggy

By RC Printer | Nov 23, 2023

Today we're building the 3D printed front wheel drive RC Racing Buggy by designer Tahustvedt and we're going to do it as cheaply as we can! The car performs really well and here's a list of products we used in the build:

$30 - 27T Motor+ESC combo -<i>motor-60a-esc-combokit

$10 - 2 Driveshafts -<i>driveshaft-set-formkultra

$25 - Metal Differential -<i>10-scale-rc-metal-differential-formkultra

$24 - Shocks -<i>aluminum-dual-springshocks

$5 - Servo -<i>12kg-digital-standard-servo-w-metalgears?variant=43387998863521

$15 - Wheels/Tires -<i>Scale-Buggy-FrontWheels/dp/B015KI195Q/

Everything else I used (screws/bearings/rod/battery) I already had left over from other builds including this controller:<i>gt5-radio-controller-w-bs6receiver

If you want to build one yourself you can find the details and build files here:<i>model/various/badger-1-10-scale-front-wheel-drive-rcbuggy

Music from Uppbeat:<i>tinylove License code: ALIIX5XRXFOUSLFX<i>of-albion/cant-betrue License code: WPBEPABU1VUNVGAI<i>garbuzyuk/weekendlivin License code: BPQH5LKMC95PNRPF