YouTube home of Squatch-D TV hosted by "The Squatchdetective" Steve Kulls and Kentucky Bigfoot Researcher Chris Bennett.

Steve is a licensed Private Investigator & been investigating Bigfoot encounters since 1998. Steve has appeared on the History Channel, NatGeo, Destination America, Discovery +, Fox News & the Travel Channel & has authored 3 books on the topic.

Squatch-D TV was originally Squatchdetective Radio & first aired on September 24th, 2006.

Squatch-D TV Podcast:
Sundays 9PM Eastern is the Squatch-D TV Live Podcast where we bring you fact, not fiction; reality, not fantasy. We talk about the good, the bad and the ugly. But we do have fun as well!! We hope you can join the conversation!!!

Other sections on this channel:
--Our unique and groundbreaking analysis.
--SQUATCH STORIES, stories about Bigfoot encounters.
-- BIGFOOT LAFF-TRACKS, the "Not so serious side" of Bigfoot research!!!