🔴The Bigfoot News👣 - Episode 3: Skeptic Article / Science or Fantasy + Much More

By Squatch-D TV | Feb 02, 2024

👉Welcome to Episode 3 of 'The Bigfoot News with Steve & Chris', airing every Friday at 9PM Eastern. This week, we're diving into some intriguing topics that have been stirring up the Bigfoot community.

💩We'll start by examining the recent discovery of potential Bigfoot scat - could this be the evidence we've been waiting for?

👣Then, we'll revisit the legendary debate between Krantz and Dahinden over the Bossburg Cripplefoot.

🦍We'll also take a closer look at Todd Gatewood's Patty enhancements. Are they forensic evidence or merely an artist's conception?

🐻Finally, we'll provide an update on the Bigfoot & Bears Paper. Has it met the standards of peer review?

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